Tutor Diary
Every week we take over 100 new bookings on average. That is over 5000 new pupils per year and we use Tutor Diary to manage the huge amount of data we accumulate.
- Walkers School of Motoring
Tutor Diary allowed Warden Hill to streamline our appointment management process and work in a more efficient and effective manner which has resulted in a higher level of service to our ADIs
- Warden Hill Driving School
Version 7

Tutor Diary 7 is our latest product catering to the business needs of driving schools and driving instructors. It is unique online management software that lets you organise your driving school efficiently and conveniently. From storing clients details to making bookings via a dynamic instructor week-by-week calendar, from generating invoices to sending SMS and emails, Tutor Diary is a secure online interface that puts your business in a "go-drive" mode.

  • Invoices can track remaining time and credit
  • Emails and SMS
  • Automatic notification for all your clients
  • Fleet manager
  • Reports and Graphic Charts
  • Pupils can login and book lessons online
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Tutor Diary